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Hi Folks!
I just wanted to let you know that I have my XL4 mill up and running. I have been cutting mainly pine.I am happy with it's performance. I have had to learn as I go along, especially cutting Maple!. It cuts as well as the Wood Miser that I have worked on. Thank Al and the guys in the shop for a good job.It was good meeting everyone when I picked up the mill.

Thanks Again, Paul G - Lyman, NH
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Cant hook with 4' hardwood handle. $77.00 including cont. US shipping.

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Ripsaw XL4 Sawmill
The Ripsaw XL4 model is an economical band saw mill that offers the average Joe an opportunity to mill his own lumber without taking a second mortgage on his home. Each XL4 is shipped with a carriage system and 2 blades.

  • 4 cycle - 5hp engine
    (Larger Engines available)
  • 20"W x 13.5"H throat opening
  • 14" dia. band saw wheels
  • Clutch activated by belt tension
  • 24" diameter log capacity
  • Solid steel construction
  • Carbide blade guides with ball bearing
    back stops
  • Adjustable blade guide suports
  • 13.5' cutting length capacity
    (Additional 5'3" rails available)
  • Acme threaded rod uprights
  • Silicon steel
  • .042" x 1" W 122"L, 1.5 TPI (teeth per inch)
  • Raker 5 tooth configuration
  • Hardened teeth and back
Cutting Rates
5 HP Engine
- Hardwood: 8 feet per minute
- Softwood: 12 feet per minute

8 HP Engine
- Hardwood: 10 feet per minute
- Softwood: 15 feet per minute